The following below are available basketball training services that Jon provides.


Host Jon (Small Group Training)

You the COACH, will bring in Jon to lead a practice (skill development) session. In the planning process, you will be responsible for picking the skills and concepts that best suit your team's (immediate or future) needs. Jon will prepare the practice plan, customize an NBA video edit (featuring the selected skills & concepts, promoting buy-in & facilitation of learning), lead the video session and on-court skill work. Jon would visit during your normal practice. 

Shooting Mechanics.jpg

Shot Mechanics

Send Jon a text message with your jump shot video recorded. Jon will then send back a graphic or video giving two suggestions for decreasing excessive motion, ultimately assisting with shooting the basketball in limited time and space. Along with Jon's suggestions, Jon may also give prescription drills to assist. For best results, video record from all angles (Front, back, and from the side). Jon charges $25 per evaluation. 


Weekly Skill Workouts

You the PLAYER, are invited to participate in our weekly Sunday skill sessions. You must sign up ahead of time to attend. Each training session is limited to 20 spots. Sessions will be at St. John's Ravenscourt from 8:30am to 10:30am. Only players aged 13-16 male & female are allowed to attend. Jon recommends that only advanced athletes sign up. Each session costs $20, cash can be brought to the session. *Click "sign up" to see current availability for this week's session.   


Coaching Clinic

Bring Jon in to work with your coaches. Jon specializes in youth skill development/fundamentals, and motion offense. Jon presented at the Super Coaches Clinic (Basketball Manitoba) and the Best in the West Clinic (Basketball Saskatchewan), while be hired to run community clinics for youth coaches and special education coaches. 


Video Review

Jon will review the player's game video - editing the video, providing two focuses for player development. Jon will also provide examples of a few clips of NBA players executing the skill or concept to better facilitate learning. Finally, Jon will present his suggestions for best improving the given skill. Best results for video submission: Film full quarters (without stoppage for timeouts, FTs, etc), film from up above (not filming from ground level), deliver USB or upload and send link for download.