Shooting Consultation
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 Shooting Consultation

Do you want to improve your shooting mechanics? Where you shoot the ball with more fluidity, less effort, and consistency?

Working with Jon will improve your results!

Jon only takes on 5 committed athletes per month! Ages 11 to 17 years old.

Service is available to international athletes, select consultation only!

How the service works:

1. Athlete submits shooting mechanics video via iMessage (2049185785) or texts YouTube link. The athlete will receive specific instructions regarding what needs to be video recorded (I.e. Angles for 1on0 shooting mechanics, and 1on1 shooting drills vs contest) after registering.

2. Athlete schedules two video calls the first after submitting videos (Shooting mechanics, and 1on1 shooting drills) and the second after the second submission of videos… During the first call - Jon breaks down mechanics with athlete via FaceTime screen share. Jon shares his evaluations and makes specific individualized recommendations, outlining what and how you should spend your time in the next few weeks, includes goal setting — Video calls are 30 minutes.

3. Two weeks after the first call, the athlete will resubmit shooting mechanics video (1on0 from different angles and 1on1 with shot contests). Jon and the athlete would then have second scheduled call.

4. Individual workouts. Jon works out with the athlete three times during the last week of the month. Jon is responsible for booking and scheduling gym time at the athlete’s convenience. Individual workouts are an hour long.